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    Finding Shipping Containers Around The World

    Just off the production line is our latest batch of new shipping con

    tainers. As part of our 2021 production program TITAN continue to build more and more containers each month to meet our customer’s needs. With the current worldwide consumer boom stress testing the world container fleet we at TITAN intend on making sure our shippers own container customers are serviced as normal.

    Please contact your local office for any supply requirements you may have.


    Half the world is still in lockdown. The other half is struggling to come out of the economically devastating effects of the Covid-19 induced lockdown.


    Shipping and shipping containers – major contributors in the global economy – are struggling to regain full momentum.


    In fact, the world’s leading economies are suffering as shipping containers hit a record high global shortages with resulting negative impact on the flow of all categories of goods.


    What does a shortage of shipping containers mean for the world?


    How can you still get access to them?

    Effects of Global Shortage of Containers

    Shipping space and containers around the globe are in very high-demand and extreme short supply in many key markets at the moment.


    • Shipping and related costs have skyrocketed by as much as 300% around the world as companies pay exorbitantly high premiums to acquire access to limited shipping containers and shipping space.
    • Companies’ products have failed to reach the consumers as planned – damaging reputations and causing a loss in loyal consumer base.
    • Delays in the arrival of parts and components is impacting manufacturers with reduced or even closed production lines.
    • IKEA’s 850 products were stuck owing to the inaccessibility of shipping containers.

    Solution To Shipping Woes

    TITAN Containers has and continues to successfully navigate the tough situation helping our many customers with an almost uninterrupted supplies of shippers own containers for seamless project shipping.

    We have more than three decades of experience that has allowed them to unlock the secrets to continuing shipping processes efficiently.

    Most importantly, not only were TITAN Containers’ services largely undisrupted but it was also prompt and personalized in providing top-quality service and shipping containers where and when required.

    TITAN Containers To The Rescue of Redcliffe

    Redcliffe is one of the numerous customers TITAN Containers have delighted over the years.

    Redcliffe found it extremely hard to get containers in order to continue their logistics and freight operations.

    This is when TITAN Containers rose to the occasion in a difficult time and delivered exactly what Redcliffe required – high-quality shipping containers and exceptional service.



    “I just thought I would step in and say that we very much appreciate the efforts you have taken / are taking, to supply us with the containers we require, in the locations we require them.  We understand the difficulties in the container market at the moment, and it is good to work with a company that provides the “personal touch”, and takes a long term view of business relationships.” - Chairman Redcliffe International ( Shipping ) Ltd


    5 stars from redcliffe shipping customer

    Storage Containers also in high demand

    A knock-on effect of the volatile and unreliable shipping combined with the disruption to airfreight is an increase in demand for storage containers and particularly temperature-controlled containers where there are also significant CV-19 related demands.

    Have you ever wondered what it really takes to reliably store perishable, delicate, and fragile items with care?

    Let TITAN Containers answer that for you.

    We offer the highest quality container solutions for perishable items that require a set temperature.

    With food and pharma-grade interiors and temperatures as low as minus -75° Celsius, TITAN Containers are the ultimate solution for chill and frozen food products, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and much more.


    Whether you wish to buy a shipping container or rent one; whether you wish to get an open-top container or a closed top with side doors; TITAN Containers have endless options and services to offer.

    Connect with us now and let us see if your requirements can benefit from our expertise.

    TITAN Containers – building long-lasting relationships even during difficult times through excellent service and care!


    Contact your local office for any supply requirements you may have.

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