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    New Top Management for Danish Container Storage Giant

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    The world's largest privately-owned container-based storage company, TITAN Container Group, has appointed a new CEO and CFO after a lifetime with founder Layland Barker at the helm. Taking the lead for the advancing storage company are Søren Skov Mogensen and Søren Søgaard Suhr, while Layland Barker has assumed the role of chairman of the board.

    Since its establishment in Denmark in 1987, TITAN Container Group has invested heavily in acquiring and leasing containers for various purposes worldwide. Today, TITAN's 50,000-plus containers are used for everything from cooling food and medicine in the pharmaceutical and food industries to providing additional storage space for companies and individuals and for major sporting events like the World Cup and the Olympics.

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    TITAN's constant acquisition of new containers makes the company the world's largest privately-owned container-based storage company, and over the years, its results have cemented the company's position as a very well-run growth company. In 2019, Kirk Kapital bought 30 percent of TITAN, which further accelerated growth – as did the pandemic, which significantly boosted the company's turnover due to the global shortage of containers. The new top management, CEO Søren Skov Mogensen and CFO Søren Søgaard Suhr, plan to elevate the turnover further – in close collaboration with outgoing CEO and founder Layland Barker, who was named Owner-Manager of the Year by PwC in Denmark last year. 

    "TITAN Container Group has been a huge part of my life for almost 40 years, and I'm proud of what we've achieved around the world. Now is the time to pass on the leadership to new, fresh forces, and I couldn't be more pleased that we've managed to attract such strong talents as Søren Mogensen and Søren Søgaard Suhr," says Layland Barker, the new chairman of the board at TITAN Container Group. 

    New CEO Søren Mogensen, originally trained in the Danish military, previously worked at McKinsey & Company, and has been Senior Vice President at Danske Bank. Most recently, he drove expansion at the EQT corporation Banking Circle Group as part of the management team. Over the years, he has gained significant experience in recruiting top talent, creating commercial growth, and building strong employer brands, which he can immediately leverage at TITAN. 

    "Layland Barker has created a global success, and it is with great humility that I take on the role of CEO. The company is strongly positioned for further growth, and several of our business areas hold significant potential that we can capitalize on in the coming years if we play our cards right. 150 million USD in turnover is certainly within reach, and this is the merit of Layland and the entire organization. Now it's up to us in the new management team, together with Layland, to further accelerate things on a global scale, especially concerning our operational, commercial, and digital strategies," says CEO Søren Mogensen. 

    The company's new CFO, Søren Søgaard Suhr, has worked at Welltec for 11 years, and in his latest role as CFO, he gained experience in building a strong international corporate culture that he brings to TITAN Container Group. 


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    About TITAN Container Group 

    TITAN Container Group was founded by Layland Barker in Taastrup, Denmark, in 1987 and has since grown to become the world's largest privately owned company in container-based storage. TITAN allows businesses and individuals to store anything, anywhere in a flexible, responsible, and secure manner and has revolutionized the global container storage industry since its establishment. 


    Our extensive presence spans 90 countries in which we offer a comprehensive range of storage options through our six distinct brands. From self-storage to dry storage and temperature-controlled facilities that can be monitored and controlled digitally between minus 75 degrees and plus 85 degrees Celsius, we cater to a wide range of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, food, and renewable energy. Within these, we serve numerous renowned industry-leading companies, including Tesco, Vestas, and Sonoco as well as countless smaller businesses and private clients worldwide.  


    With a fleet of more than 50,000 containers spread over 300 locations in Europe, America, and Asia, TITAN has created a market-leading platform for innovative Storage-as-a-Service solutions. By utilizing single and intermodal containers, the company offers flexible storage solutions that can operate independently or as part of an integrated system. Over the years, TITAN has set the standard in the industry and has continuously expanded its global presence while maintaining its core values and culture for over three decades. 


    The demand for storage has never been greater. One of the central driving forces is an increasing demand for cold storage, partially due to climate change. The sector is expected to grow by 13 percent annually until 2030, when it is expected to reach a value of 290 billion USD. Another important factor is the growing global population and society's urbanization, where space in city centers is a luxury. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of companies having a solid and scalable supply chain supported by modern technological solutions. 


    Kirk Kapital joined as minority co-owners in 2019 to support TITAN’s growth by accelerating geographical expansions, including APAC and the Americas, while strengthening the company's presence in core markets. Critical to these efforts are further investments in new technology, digitalization, and sustainability. 


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    New Top Management for Danish Container Storage Giant


    The world's largest privately-owned container-based storage company, TITAN Container Group, has appointed...