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    TITAN Containers: Part of the 2023 World Athletics Championships

    3 min read

    The 2023 World Athletics Championships held in Budapest, Hungary, from August 19th to 27th, marked a significant milestone in the world of sports. While athletes from across the globe competed for glory on the track and field, TITAN Containers ensured that everything went smoothly behind the scenes.


    TITAN4People: Specialists in Container Innovation

    TITAN4People specializes in transforming shipping containers into versatile structures for various purposes, including offices, lookout areas, sanitary rooms, and more.

    For this event, we were tasked with creating the organizers' headquarters using modified shipping containers. The headquarters stood proudly at the finish line of the marathon and long-distance walking events, serving as a central hub for event management.

    The use of shipping containers for the headquarters not only showcased creativity but also emphasized sustainability. TITAN4People's expertise in container modification allowed for the integration of modern amenities and technology, ensuring that the headquarters met the highest standards of comfort and functionality.


    ArcticStore: Keeping It Cool in Budapest

    In a global event like the World Athletics Championships, maintaining the right temperature for perishable goods, such as food and refreshments, is crucial. This is where ArcticStore, stepped in with our refrigerated container solutions.

    ArcticStore containers are designed to maintain precise temperature control, ensuring that goods remain fresh and in optimal condition. These containers come in various sizes to cater to different needs, making them ideal for large-scale sporting events like the championships in Budapest.

    The use of ArcticStore containers at the World Athletics Championships ensured that athletes, officials, and spectators had access to high-quality, properly chilled food and beverages throughout the event.

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    The 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest were an amazing showcase of athletic prowess, and as always, we couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of this incredible event.

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