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    TITAN Containers Joins GDP-UCI to Elevate Pharma Industry Standards

    2 min read

    In a significant stride towards advancing pharmaceutical industry standards, TITAN Containers proudly announces its membership in the GDP Universal Compliance Initiative (GDP-UCI). This strategic move underscores TITAN's unwavering commitment to enhancing the pharmaceutical distribution chain and ensuring the safe, efficient, and sustainable delivery of critical medicines and vaccines worldwide.

    The GDP-UCI is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at unifying and elevating industry standards and certifications across the pharmaceutical distribution spectrum. It aspires to introduce uniformity, consistency, and continuous improvement, aligning with international quality and regulatory requirements.


    TITAN's participation in this initiative is a natural fit, given its significant contribution to pharmaceutical distribution through our ArcticStore cold storage product range. As a trusted supplier of cold storage solutions for medicines, vaccines, and more, TITAN Containers plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and safety of pharmaceutical products during their journey from production facilities to end-users.


    At its core, the GDP-UCI is a pragmatic, industry-driven program that seeks to simplify adherence to GDP regulations and guidelines. By harmonizing the interpretation of GDP guidance, introducing GDP-compliant processes and solutions, and standardizing training, auditing, and certification procedures, the initiative aims to create a seamless, risk-free, and practical environment for pharmaceutical distribution.


    One of the central tenets of the GDP-UCI is collaboration and knowledge sharing among industry stakeholders. This doctrine of cooperation is instrumental in fostering an environment where best practices are shared, and innovative solutions are developed for the benefit of the entire pharmaceutical supply chain.


    TITAN's membership with the GDP-UCI reaffirms its dedication to elevating industry standards and supporting the pharmaceutical sector's critical mission of delivering life-saving drugs and vaccines to communities worldwide. The company looks forward to actively collaborating with fellow members and industry stakeholders to drive innovation, efficiency, and safety in pharmaceutical distribution.

    2 min read

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    TITAN Containers Proudly Supports Donna Urquhart's Guinness World Record™ Run Antarctica Project

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    New Top Management for Danish Container Storage Giant


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