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    TITAN Containers inaugurates another self-storage in Hungary

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    On the 23th of January, TITAN opened the 4th self-storage site in Hungary and We inivited the local media to the press conference. After the succesful celebration the media issued the press releases.


    Denmarkʼs TITAN Containers inaugurated a self-storage space on the outskirts of Tatabánya (49 km west of Budapest) on Thursday, state news wire MTI reports.


    The unit has 51 containers but can be expanded to 200 containers,

    The self-storage space is the companyʼs fourth in Hungary, and it will open another in Dunaharaszti, on the outskirts of Budapest, this year.

    Mrs. Anja Maria Plampin said: " This is our 4th self-storage facility in Hungary and the 47th in the world. Presently operating in 12 countries we are planning to add more countries and more importantly for today, more locations in Hungary. We are approaching 100.000 m² of self-storage space and plan to increase this in the years ahead with a targeted 400.000m² by 2026.

    We realise there is a great scope for further market growth here in Hungary. We plan to continue to support a solid expansion of self-storage as well as all our other brands and products in Hungary and are delighted to be providing new opportunities and benefits for local businesses as well as private citizens in and around this superb self-storage facility as well as throughout Hungary. "

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