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    TITAN Containers in Rotterdam: Where Self Storage Meets Hollywood

    4 min read

    When we think of Self Storage facilities, we typically imagine rows of containers filled with personal belongings, household items, and maybe a few forgotten treasures. But what if we told you that one such Self Storage depot, nestled in the picturesque town of Heinenoord, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has also served as a dynamic film set for a TV series remake? We are proud to have played an interesting role in the rebirth of the classic detective series "Van der Valk."

    A Brief History of Van der Valk

    "Van der Valk" is a British detective series that first aired in the 1970s and 80s. This beloved show starred the charismatic Commissaris Simon "Piet" Van der Valk, a detective solving intricate murder mysteries in the scenic Dutch city of Amsterdam. 

    Fast forward to 2023, and Dutch television decided it was time for a reboot. The new "Van der Valk" series, broadcast in June, was a hit. Yet, one of the most remarkable aspects of this remake is the unexpected role played by TITAN Containers' Heinenoord depot.


    The Unconventional Film Set

    The filmmakers behind the new "Van der Valk" series faced a unique challenge. They needed a setting that authentically captured the essence of the original show's atmosphere. After considering various locations, they found an unlikely gem in TITAN Containers' Heinenoord depot

    The depot, primarily known for its storage services, was transformed into a dynamic film set for two nights. What made this location particularly intriguing was its endless rows of containers, stacked neatly and creating a captivating labyrinth of industrial aesthetics.

    The filmmakers, together with a dedicated crew, worked tirelessly to transform the containers into the perfect backdrop for the series. This creative endeavor included moving and stacking containers to create the desired atmosphere and ambiance for the show.

    Free Runners and Container Leaps

    While the containers themselves made for an engaging setting, it was the inclusion of free runners that added an extra layer of excitement to the shoot.

    A team of skilled free runners showcased their talents by seamlessly jumping between containers, providing adrenaline-pumping scenes that added a modern touch to the classic detective series. 


    So, the next time you pass by TITAN Containers' depot in Heinenoord, Rotterdam, you might just see more than just rows of containers; you might see a piece of television history, a testament to the boundless creativity that knows no limits.

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