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    TITAN Containers Greece: Part of the UEFA Super Cup 2023

    3 min read

    In a thrilling development, the spotlight of European football is set to illuminate the historic city of Piraeus, Greece on 16th August 2023. The much-anticipated UEFA Super Cup 2023, a marquee event in the international football calendar, will unfold at the renowned Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium.

    TITAN Containers Greece, a prominent player in the container industry, is proud to participate in this incredible event, demonstrating both enthusiasm and pride as they undertake a crucial role in this global football celebration. Our contribution lies in the provision of equipment that will construct the UEFA Broadcast Compound—a testament to TITAN Containers Greece’s dedication to excellence and innovation.

    This achievement wouldn't be possible without the combined efforts of TITAN’s specialised brands, each contributing their unique expertise to make this event a resounding success.

    TITAN Containers is the main TITAN brand and it supplies shipping containers for sale and rent. For the UEFA Super Cup 2023, TITAN has further solidified our role by providing nine 20ft storage containers. These containers are essential for securely storing equipment and supplies, ensuring everything is well-organised and readily accessible.

    When the need for cold storage arises, ArcticStore, the cold storage solutions division of TITAN Containers, steps in. For the UEFA Super Cup 2023, they've delivered three 20ft refrigerated containers. These containers ensure that perishable items remain at the optimal temperature, maintaining their freshness throughout the event.

    And last but not least, when it comes to creating functional spaces, TITAN4People, a key brand under the TITAN umbrella, steps up to the plate. Known for supplying modified containers that serve as rooms, offices, and more, TITAN4People's role in the UEFA Super Cup 2023 is central. Among the array of containers provided, they've contributed three two-bay units (30m2 each), one three-bay unit (45m2), and one four-bay unit (60m2). These versatile containers will play an essential role in creating functional spaces for the event.

    The team at TITAN Containers Greece is brimming with excitement, recognizing the honour of contributing to this prestigious international event, a platform that underscores their commitment to excellence while enhancing TITAN CONTAINERS’ global visibility. The tireless efforts of the TITAN Containers Greece team are scheduled from 31st July to 4th August 2023, as they meticulously work towards ensuring the seamless setup of this remarkable event.

    This opportunity is both a source of excitement and proof of the trust invested in TITAN Containers Greece and we couldn't be more proud to have the opportunity to participate in this amazing sporting event.

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    TITAN Containers Greece: Part of the UEFA Super Cup 2023

    In a thrilling development, the spotlight of European football is set to illuminate the historic city of Piraeus,...