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    TITAN Containers: Full Throttle at the 2023 Acropolis Rally

    4 min read

    In the world of motorsports, precision and preparation are key to success. The 2023 Acropolis Rally, a significant event in the FIA World Rally Championship, brought together top rally drivers from around the globe to tackle challenging terrains in Greece. TITAN Containers played a vital role by providing our specialised ArcticStore refrigerated containers and TITAN4People modified multi-purpose shipping container offices. 

    The 2023 Acropolis Rally: A Legendary Event

    The 2023 Acropolis Rally, also known as the EKO Acropolis Rally of Gods, was a historic milestone, celebrating the 70th birthday of this iconic event. It marked the tenth round of the 2023 World Rally Championship, World Rally Championship-2, and World Rally Championship-3. The rally was also the final round of the 2023 Junior World Rally Championship, making it a highly anticipated event for both fans and participants.


    The Opening Ceremony took place under the sacred Acropolis Rock, and the event's Headquarters and Service Park were hosted in the city of Lamia in Central Greece, where the finish line and Closing Ceremony concluded the thrilling rally. Over the course of the rally, drivers faced a challenging 307.69 km (191.19 mi) of competitive stages, making it a true test of skill and endurance.

    TITAN Containers Steps into the Spotlight

    TITAN Containers Hellas was at the heart of the 2023 Acropolis Rally from the 21st of August to the 11th of September. Their presence in the town of Lamia was marked by a range of essential equipment, demonstrating their commitment to supporting the event and its participants.

    1. TITAN4PEOPLE Linked Offices for the Teams' Service Park: These 20' containers served as functional, comfortable offices for the teams, ensuring that they had the necessary facilities to manage their operations efficiently.

    2. TITAN4PEOPLE Offices for Broadcast Coverage: In a globally televised event like the Acropolis Rally, media coverage is vital. TITAN Containers provided 4 x 20' containers to serve as offices for the broadcast teams, facilitating comprehensive and engaging rally coverage.

    3. TITAN4PEOPLE Office for the Ford Team: TITAN Containers went the extra mile by offering a dedicated 20' container office to support the Ford Team, one of the key participants in the rally. 

    4. ArcticStore for the Toyota Team: In the demanding world of motorsports, precise temperature control is essential for the proper storage of valuable equipment. TITAN Containers provided a 10' ArcticStore container to the Toyota Team, ensuring that their supplies remained cool and efficient throughout the event.


    The 2023 Acropolis Rally was a thrilling spectacle that celebrated both its rich history and the future of rally racing. TITAN Containers' collaboration with this legendary event demonstrated our commitment to precision and excellence. Supplying ArcticStore refrigerated containers and TITAN4People offices, we played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the rally and the comfort of the teams and media. We are very proud to have been able to participate in this historic event, further solidifying our presence in the sporting world.

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