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    Phil Brewer 1949 – 2022

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    We are really sorry to inform that Phil Brewer passed away peacefully in the early hours of Friday 21st January.


    Phil has been a key TITAN in the U.K. for around 30 years and he will be sorely missed by all TITANS and by many of our loyal customers and suppliers in the UK and internationally. He still managed some TITAN relationships that go back to the day Phil started in TITAN. We will be doing our very best to maintain these relations in memory of him.


    It might be that some of you wish to show your respect. At this moment we have no details of a celebration of Phil’s life but we will inform these just as soon as the details become available.


    Should you wish to send a message to the family please email Regitze Schubert who will collect all messages and forward these to his wife Elaine and their children Matt and Amy when this is suitable/convenient.


    We are extremely sorry to bring this tragic news

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