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    Major new investments

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    more ArcticStores
    and smartarctic launch

    TITAN have ordered almost 500 new TK Magnum plus machines for fitting to 10', 20' and 40' ArcticStores, ArcticBlast and Arctic SuperStore containers currently on order. Whilst Coronavirus delayed, we expect these new additions to the rental fleet to arrive in our markets from late April through June. Read more about the ArcticStore range


    Major new investments

    Major new investments1

    All have SmartArctic inside. SmartArctic is our recently launched global remote monitoring and control application that includes alarm messaging. Many control box functions are now available at you work station, at home or when on the go! Learn more about SmartArctic.


    Self storage
    and ISO containers

    Already ordered late 2019 and January 2020 the first 1.000 plus new containers are now making a (coronavirus) delayed entry in our markets. These will be followed by a further 2.700 new containers that are scheduled for production in Q2/3 2020.


    Many of the ordered containers are intended for expansion of existing self-storage sites as well as new sites that are planned for 2nd half 2020.


    TITAN have already opened 2 new self storage sites in 2020 and have many others are various development stages. We expect to open minimum 10 new locations in 2020. See all TITAN's self-storage sites.


    Upgrading the road fleet

    2 new vehicles are due for delivery to Denmark in the coming weeks. These are fitted with 95T/M cranes and front mounted support legs permitting 360° lifting.


    Last month a further 4 new vehicles were ordered for our UK operations. These are due for delivery in Q2 these will also improve our heavy lift capacity as well as adding shorter wheel base rigids more suited to sites with limited access and maneuverability.   


    Space 4People - more accomodation

    TITAN continue to deliver and build accomodation blocks for a NATO military force. 2 have been delivered these past months and another is due for hand-over in Q2.


    TITAN's own HQ extension was recently completed whilst our Aarhus office is subject to planning permission.

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    TITAN Delivers Bespoke-Built Containers to HITECH for Formula Racing

    TITAN Containers are delighted to recently supply HITECH with bespoke built ISO containers designed to store Formula 2,...

    1 min read

    ArcticStore responds with Emergency Refrigeration Solution in Coburg

    When a customer's refrigeration system unexpectedly failed, they were unable to store their frozen food products, which...

    1 min read

    Nete Lind Barker 25.04.1960 – 08.02.2023

    The Family wish to thank the many TITAN colleagues, family friends and business relations for their support,...