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    Cold Meats storage with 40’ ArcticStore

    1 min read

    Paderis Meat industry decided to expand their cold Storage for Cold Meats and Deli Meat Products by using the latest reefer technology that the TITAN Arctic Stores provide.


    Arcticstore Paderis 3

    The family industry has become a recognized provider of quality products since 1970 in Greece with several Award-winning recipes. The reliability of the ArcticStores and the temperature accuracy that they provide was the best solution to preserve deli meats and retain their unique flavour.

    Are you looking for a refrigerated container? Our cold storage containers might be the ideal solution for your needs!

    2 min read

    TITAN Delivers Bespoke-Built Containers to HITECH for Formula Racing

    TITAN Containers are delighted to recently supply HITECH with bespoke built ISO containers designed to store Formula 2,...

    1 min read

    ArcticStore responds with Emergency Refrigeration Solution in Coburg

    When a customer's refrigeration system unexpectedly failed, they were unable to store their frozen food products, which...

    1 min read

    Nete Lind Barker 25.04.1960 – 08.02.2023

    The Family wish to thank the many TITAN colleagues, family friends and business relations for their support,...