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    Chilly Start to 2021 for TITAN Customer

    1 min read

    Chilly Start to 2021 for TITAN Customer1

    Chilly Start to 2021 for TITAN Customer2

    Chilly Start to 2021 for TITAN Customer3

    Having previously been using 5 x 20' ex shipping line reefers, the organic fruit and vegetable retailer (and their staff) are already enjoying the advantages of changing to an Arctic SuperStore. On much the same footprint they are now able to utilise over a 20% increase in square meterage, while at the same time reducing the number of refrigeration machines from 5 to 2. This will reduce the power bill by around 60%.


    Stock rotation is now a breeze! Accessing the stock is much easier through the additional side doors and the internal lighting makes picking stock a much simpler task.


    The customer is looking to put in an order for a second Arctic SuperStore.



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