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    ArcticStore responds with Emergency Refrigeration Solution in Coburg

    1 min read

    When a customer's refrigeration system unexpectedly failed, they were unable to store their frozen food products, which threatened their in-house kitchen and cafeteria operations. TITAN’s ArcticStore fleet provided an emergency solution to the customer, enabling them to store their frozen products and continue their operations.

    We provided the customer with three 20' ArcticStore refrigerated containers placed in their underground garage. The ArcticStore products are designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, ensuring the frozen products were kept at the optimal temperature. The location of the containers provided easy access to the products when needed.

    Our ArcticStore team was able to send an offer within two hours of receiving the inquiry. Thanks to the quick response and the emergency solution provided, the customer could maintain their in-house kitchen and cafeteria operations. TITAN's ArcticStore containers provided a cost-effective and flexible solution allowing customers to continue their operations while their refrigeration system was being repaired.

    20ft Arcticstore

    Our ArcticStore refrigerated fleet provides a reliable solution for customers facing refrigeration challenges. The flexibility of our fleet, combined with our expertise in logistics, ensures that we can provide a customised solution that meets the needs of each customer. In this case, our quick response and emergency solution allowed the customer to continue their operations and minimize any disruption caused by the failure of their refrigeration system.

    2 min read

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