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    A TITAN Containers project on which the municipality of Athens can rely

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    TITAN Containers have been working recently on a project together with the municipality of Athens which would provide substantial help to the community and the municipality.


    The project was focused on the installation of 9 ArcticStores in the historic centre of Athens in order to ensure the safe storing of fruits and vegetables during the renovation of the Athens Flea Market. 


    The Mayor of Athens has personally inspected the ArcticStores and has provided TITAN Containers with positive feedback.


    Are you interested in cold storage? ArcticStore by TITAN Containers might be the best solution for you! Discover all our global offices and find out about the competitive offers available.

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    TITAN Containers Austria delivered this week for a significant bakery 3 x 40´ARCTICSTORES “TROPICAL” very quickly.


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