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    Nete Lind Barker 25.04.1960 – 08.02.2023

    1 min read

    The Family wish to thank the many TITAN colleagues, family friends and business relations for their support, condolences, and many warm words at the celebration of Nete’s beautiful, but too short, life at Helsinge Church 21st February 2023. We wish also to thank all for the kind words from the many who were unable to join us but shared the celebration digitally.

    May God bless and protect Nete


    Familien vil gerne takke de mange TITAN-kolleger, familie venner og forretningsforbindelser for deres støtte, kondolencer og de mange varmende ord ved fejringen af Netes smukke, men for korte, liv i Helsinge Kirke d. 21. februar 2023. Vi vil også gerne takke alle for de venlige ord fra de mange, der ikke kunne være med, men fulgte begivenheden digitalt.

    Må Gud velsigne og beskytte Nete.

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